A Friendly Canadian Wurm Unlimited Server

Available on Steam!


Current Server Mods


  • Custom Map

  • Better Digging & Farming

  • Creature Mod

  • Bounty Mod

  • Tent Sleep

  • Planters

  • Put Stuff on Tables

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Mining Hits to Clear 25

  • Breeding Time Multiplier 5

  • Field Growth Timer 6 Hours 

  • 15% Aggressive Creatures, 25k creatures

  • Action 10x & Skill Gain Rate 5x

  • Mind Logic & Body Control start value 25

  • Fight skill start value 10

  • Player Combat Rating

  • Dye Maker

  • Removed Priest Restrictions

Client Mod Pack


  • Action

  • Third Person

  • Tool Tips

  • Compass

  • Fixvbo

  • Live Map

  • Connection Fix

  • Custom Map

  • Server Packs


*You are welcome to use other Mods, but we can not guarantee these will function properly in combination with those we suggest or with each other.

**We recommend you download the client mod package we provide as you will not properly see maps or some creatures/items without it.

Run the Mod Pack to unpack all the mods above directly to your Wurm Unlimited Folder.